Time to take A.C.T.I.O.N
M.e.t.a detox analysis
Initial Consultation & Redox Score Analysis
  • Testosterone & Metabolic Testing.
  • Redox Score & Growth Hormone Analysis
  • Virtual Video Consultation: Learn more about The Redox Detox, our One-Year Nutrition & Health Consulting Program and Redox Score analysis.
  • Testosterone & Metabolic Testing
  • Redox Score Analysis: A Men’s Health Coach & Nutritionist will order and analyze your biomarkers using our health assessment algorithm to calculate your Redox Score, allowing us to assess your weight loss speed, required exercise intensity and necessary program duration.
  • Initial Consultation & Redox Score analysis fee of $299 is included within our One-Year Nutrition & Health Consulting Program Price. Your payment will be credited toward the total program if you chose to begin the Full one-year Program.
*Specialized lab test is included in program cost. Depending on your FSA or HAS plan, health coaching could be a covered care service. Upon request, Redox Nutrition can issue you a Receipt (Superbill) for visits to submit for possible reimbursement. (We are not Responsible for Claim Denials, as we are an out of Network Provider and insurances should be contacted first for benefit explanations and coverage.)
The Redox Detox (1 year Program)
$199/month with financing LEARN MORE
Nutrition & Health Consulting Program (1 Year)
  • Testosterone & Metabolic Testing +Dr. Consultation.
  • The Redox Detox D.N.A. Program
  • SimonOne “full body fat and skeletal muscle mass analyzer.
  • Health & Fitness Coaching
  • Redox Nutrition workout journal, Calendar, and meal plan tracker.
  • Increase your Redox Score and Improve your insulin sensitivity, learning healthy ways to lose belly fat, and how to lower cholesterol naturally, while maintaining a normal lifestyle.
  • Nutritional Consulting & Redox Score Analysis: Consultations with your own personal Men’s Health Coach & Nutritionist to review your Biomarkers while helping you take actionable steps toward completing short-term and long-term health goals for 12 months.
  • One-Year Nutrition Program: Lifetime Access to virtual Men’s Health Coaching & Nutritionist sessions. Expert Men’s health advocates can help you with fitness milestones, Event training, weight lose challenges, or Doctor suggested meal plan for general health improvements.
*Specialized lab tests are included in program cost.


  • A comprehensive blood test to analyze your Metabolic health and ability to metabolize fat. Our health assessment algorithm will calculate your Redox Score using these results.
  • A Men’s Health Coach & Nutritionist will help you take A.C.T.I.O.N which is our nutritional health history and assessment survey.
  • Create personalized short-term & long-term goals that fit your lifestyle using our A.C.T.I.O.N survey.

First Month

  • Start a personalized program we design using A.C.T.I.O.N and your Redox Score as a M.A.P (Metabolic Action Plan)
  • Boost your energy, reduce inflammation, remove food allergens, and optimize your digestive system.
  • Simple intermittent fasting will help you reduce food cravings and balance your appetite to lose 5-10lbs.

Next Month

  • Create or choose any 20min aerobic activity to help increase your Redox Score.
  • Build a food Blueprint using foods that you prefer that still yield positive long-term health results.
  • Track your meals and log your aerobic activities to lose another 10lbs by keeping yourself accountable.

Month 3

  • Retest Biomarkers and Improve your Redox Score more with 2 aerobic activity sessions a day.
  • We use your Metabolic Action Plan to create and introduce a routine that makes it easier to maintain healthy habits.
  • Complete your short-term goals over the next 12 weeks closely following your M.A.P

Month 6

  • Once you complete your short-term goals, we will reset your biomarkers and either keep the current map or redesign a new M.A.P.
  • Personalize a detailed care coordination plan with your primary care physical that aligns with your future treatment plans using your M.A.P.
  • Virtual visits once a month will help to keep you accountable while you complete your long-term goals and increase your Redox Score.

1 Year

  • Complete your long-term goals with optimal biomarkers, lower cholesterol, lose belly fat, and and increased Redox Score.
  • Create a simple yet concise checklist using you M.A.P. that will help you normalize your new healthy lifestyle.
  • Understand your nutritional needs and the M.E.T.A Detox techniques required to confidently live a strong healthy lifestyle. Completion of our 1-year program grants lifetime access to one-on-one men’s health coaching.
Digital Program
inside Workout Journal.
Redox Nutrition’s Workout Journal with downloadable Digital Wellness Guide inside, designed to holistically improve your overall health, the program uses our A.C.T.I.O.N.-Survey and health Coaching methods to help develop nutritional recommendations for Wellness & Weight-loss, using clinical science to achieve safer, faster, and longer lasting results.
DIETARY.                        NUTRITIONAL.
the redox detox

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