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We make getting healthy easier by synergizing Technology, Health Coaching, Comprehensive Blood testing services and Genetic Testing. We help Men looking to get healthy, sports enthusiasts, and athletes, improve, increase, and promote, nutritional healing locally and globally by highlighting community health and wellness status. Aiming to enhance the quality of life which leads to boosts in personal motivation, improving good habits, while building awareness about nutrients, their role in food consumption, absorption, metabolism, growth, and longevity.

This is our digital pdf booklet that allows you to experience the Redox Detox before you fully commit to our 1 year life changing program. Our 8 week Digital Demo can help you lose that last 5-10lbs. 

Most Effective Technique Available- We focus on Detoxification Phases 1&2 while using the results from a specialized biomarker to analyze your “REDOX SCORE.” Your Redox Score reveals how well your body can regulate insulin and fat storage.

Our Signature and highly effective Metabolic Detox Program is the most comprehensive and all encompassing programs ever created. Designed to help you improve your health and lose weight, while decreasing your risk of chronic disease. Safe for Men and Woman ages 18-60. The program features various ways for you to follow depending on your learning style. Bundles include clinician formulated nutraceuticals, customized Meal Blueprints, recipes, shopping list and an INBODY smart scale to help you successfully achieve your transformation goal.

“Dietary Nutritional Analysis”(D.N.A) Programs are (4 weeks) long, and utilize the science of Genetic Testing to create personalized diets and exercise recommendations.

We offer Mobile Phlebotomy services with Comprehensive blood testing, at home self testing kits and Food allergy testing using IgG Enzyme Linked Immunosorbant Assay(ELISA) 

Redox Nutrition’s – Health & Wellness Program (1 year)
The Redox Detox is a one-year Metabolic Detox Program that utilizes the most effective weight loss methods and detox techniques to improve your insulin sensitivity for long term results. One-on-One Health consulting using A.C.T.I.O.N. our health coaching method combined with a specialized biomarker test to analyze your Redox Score- Our True Holistic approach focuses on using nutritional adjustments and behavioral modifications to heal and detoxify your body leading to weight loss and health improvements without medications.
m.e.t.a. detox
A Metabolic Detox utilizing your Redox Score, which is analyzed using our metabolic assessment algorithm and your IGFBP-1 serum levels. 
Trial of our weight loss program that introduces you to The Redox Detox Health and Wellness method through a convenient downloadable PDF.  4 weeks of meals, recipes, shopping lists, and nutrient details for each day. 
Redox D.N.A.
Health & Wellness programs based on your genetic profile using our at-home DNA saliva test kit.
Redox Phlebotomy+
We give you the power to order your own specialized lab test, we also offer at-home lab collection kits, plus our Mobile Phlebotomy services .
Our (D.N.A) Programs let you
BUY & Test from home

While the science behind our products are very complex, the process you will follow to obtain your genetics-based recommendations is quite simple. After you purchase a product from our online store, we will mail you a DNA collection kit to the address you provide. You will simply rub the sterile cotton swab in the kit along your gums for one minute, pack the sample up and send it back to us. Our federally certified lab will analyze your sample and within 3-4 weeks, we will send you notification that your Report is ready for you to access inside our secure web portal.
When you login to our secure web portal, you will be able to view your complete diet and lifestyle recommendations and you’ll be able to access our genotype-specific health content library. This comprehensive resource library contains hundreds of articles, videos and recipes that are curated and directed to you based on your unique genetic profile. Your report and health content are available at any time and accessible from any connected desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
You can schedule a consultation with our Professional who will answer any questions you may have about your Personal Report, they will help you develop a plan to integrate the recommendations into your current lifestyle.

Place your order through our online store and we will ship your DNA collection kit to your preferred address.
Use our simple kit to collect a saliva sample and mail it back to us in the same packaging.
Our lab will analyze your sample and identify your genotype.
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We will email you when you are able to login to our secure portal to read and/or download your personal report.
Access our online platform of comprehensive videos, articles, and recipes that are curated specifically for your genotype, anytime, anywhere.
“THe Redox Detox makes it so easy to lose weight by synergizing Genetic Testing, health coaching, and comprehensive lab work.”
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