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Most Effective Technique Available

Initial Consultation and Redox Score Analysis
  • Virtual Video Consultation: Learn more about The Redox Detox, our One-Year Nutrition & Health Consulting Program and Redox Score analysis.
  • Redox Score Analysis: A Men’s Health Coach & Nutritionist will order and analyze your biomarkers using our health assessment algorithm to calculate your Redox Score. The Redox Score is the most accurate and comprehensive analysis of your overall Metabolic health score, allowing us to assess your weight loss speed, required exercise intensity and necessary program duration.


*Initial Consultation & Redox Score analysis fee of $199 is included within our One-Year Nutrition & Health Consulting Program Price. Your payment will be credited toward the total program upon choosing to begin the Full one-year Program.

*Specialized lab test is included in program cost. Depending on your FSA or HSA plan, health coaching could be a covered care service. Upon request, Redox Nutrition can issue you a Receipt (Superbill) for visits to submit for possible reimbursement. (We are not Responsible for Claim Denials, as we are an out of Network Provider and insurances should be contacted first for benefit explanations and coverage.)

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