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We can help you achieve your health goals naturally.
OUr Primary Focus is mens health and wellness using Consulting and coaching.
Men’s Health & Nutritional Coaching

We Help Men Improve their Metabolic Health, Build Confidence and create strong healthy Lifestyles. Together we will review Healthy ways to lose belly fat and how to Lower Cholesterol Naturally using our metabolic detox techniques and behavioral adjustment coaching methods.

Working with men to conquer insecurities, Low self- esteem, Inadequacies, Analysis paralysis, and Burnout, catalyzing decisive behavioral changes leading to a longer healthier life. We use pragmatic behavioral adjustments, Health coaching and our professional consulting resources paired with comprehensive blood testing. We walk men through Healthy ways to lose belly fat and how to Lower Cholesterol Naturally helping reduce & prevent elevated rick of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Health & Wellness Advocates, Convenient, Reliable, Relatable telehealth services.
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We Meet you where your at… Literally

We make taking control of your own health easier and more convenient. No more waiting in office lobbies or having to waste your day off going to appointments. We meet you where your at.- Reach out to your Men’s Health coach anytime with our online telehealth program, connect by text, Phone, or Virtual chat. Learn how to lower cholesterol naturally while utilizing healthy ways to lose belly fat, from the convenience of your home, the gym, or safe location.

  • Telehealth & Virtual Consultations.
  • Mobile blood draws or At-Home Test Kits.
  • Request Labs Online.

We’re here so that you don’t have to feel alone as you improve your health Naturally.

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Redox Consultation
Step 1
We provide an Initial Consultation with our Men's Health Coach, to analyze your health history and concerns.
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Step 2
Order specialized blood test based on your ACTION-Survey/Goals,(Lower Cholesterol, Lose Belly Fat, HRT/TRT.) Choose your preferred blood draw method; LabCorp site, Mobile Phlebotomist, or At-Home Self-testing kit)
Step 3
Once we receive your Lab Results(14 Business days after blood draw.) A Men's Health Coach will Review any Questions, Discuss Possible Programs and your Metabolic Action Plan (M.A.P.)
Step 4
You have the option to meet with one of our Independent Physicians using a secured Telehealth consultation to choose a treatment that aligns with your goals and Metabolic Action Plan.(M.A.P.)
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Redox nutrition helped me become a BEAST!

Men Between the ages of
We care about mens health

Men Between the age of 25-70 who are ready to learn Healthy ways to lose belly fat and how to Lower Cholesterol Naturally. Maybe you tried fad diets or crazy workouts that were a waste of time, and now you want to create a strong, Confident, and healthy lifestyle that is maintainable. But ever demanding life and work responsibilities have caused you to lose balance leading to Self and Health neglect motivating you to make some lifestyle changes now before things worsen.

You know the importance of self-improvement and hard work, but you are stuck, frustrated, or concerned about your cholesterol levels or -Unwanted weight gain is affecting your health or self-esteem, -Loss of lean muscle mass, -Reduced sex drive, – Feeling very tired all the time (Fatigue) -Symptoms of depression, -Lack of drive or motivation. -Vitamin D deficiency symptoms.

Let us show you Healthy ways to lose belly fat & how to Lower Cholesterol Naturally.

You Have What It Takes to Be Strong, Healthy, and Confident But…

When it’s time to make the change, you don’t feel ready, and you are hesitant because in your past you tried to lose belly fat and lower your cholesterol. -We specialize in helping men improve their Metabolic health, build confidence, and create strong healthy lives. Together we will utilize healthy ways to lose belly fat and lower Cholesterol naturally. We have the professional tools, resources and expertise you need to find clarity while taking decisive actions toward completing short-term and long-term goals.

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Our goal is to walk you through the process, so you can take control of your health with your new tools, knowledge, and resources.

Together we map out a personalized blueprint that will serve as your step-by-step roadmap. Giving you access to request your own blood test, teaching you how to lower cholesterol naturally and using healthy ways to lose belly fat. During the process we focus on your unique physiology, metabolism, and endocrine functions, reviewing nutritional health history for signs of nutritional imbalances, metabolic syndrome, or chronic disease. Comprehensive blood test will help us identify elevated or less than optimal blood levels. -Including intracellular nutrient function, Absorption, and bioavailability. Reduce & prevent your elevated risk of disease by uncovering the doubts and self-destructive tendencies keeping you from achieving your goals.