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mobile phlebotomy, blood draws done from anywhere at anytime with redox phlebotomy+.
Redox Nutrition offers Premium Phlebotomy services with Redox Phlebotomy+, allowing you to schedule a phlebotomist for a blood draw from the comfort of your home, business, gym or any other convenient location.
at-home test kits delivered to your door making it easier and more convenient to take control of your own health.

Our at-home collection kits utilize cutting edge testing methods, providing accurate, and reliable results. Affordable prices for our test make it accessible for all and are often paid for using cash, credit, health savings or flexible spending accounts. Accessibility puts you in control and provides you with results to take A.C.T.I.O.N.  

Lab test samples are processed using CLIA-Certified laboratories, licensed by the state, meeting or exceeding federal standards, third-party verified performance test and routine inspections. Independent physicians are available to review your lab results upon request.

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Select your preferred blood draw preference, mobile or Labcorp service site. Order the lab test(s) you would like from our growing list of test . Orders are processed within 24hrs and appointments for mobile services are scheduled in 2hr windows. If you selected labcorp service site, verify that there is a labcorp near you. Lab order/ requisition forms will be emailed to you. 

print your order form

Print out your lab order/requistion form, Labcorp will need upon your arrival. -Arizona residents can request a mobile phlebotomist for blood draws scheduled at your convenience.

Receive your results

Results take 14 business days to process and are emailed directly to you from us.

understand your reaults

Need help understanding your lab results. Schedule a lab review with one of our Independent Physicians.

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Phlebotomy Services
Mobile blood draw

In home or on location blood draws, providing flexibility and convenience. Our expert phlebotomist will meet you where your at.

self-selected lab test

Choose your own test from our comprehensive list of biomarkers which we continue to grow. No physician or Insurance required.

aT-home test kits

Home testing kits shipped directly to your home making it easier and more convenient to order blood test to monitor your own health status.

Testosterone testing

Get your testosterone levels checked, learn average testosterone level by age. Independent Physicians are available for consultations to discuss the best testosterone booster 2021.  

Clinical research phlebotomy

Experts in performing competent blood draws at timed intervals, ensuring comfort and safety. Following procedures according to OSHA, properly collecting, labeling, processing and documenting study specific procedural protocol requirements. Experienced in Medical Assisting, administrative task, laboratory and technical procedures; checking vital signs, ECG’s, and skin testing for allergens.

gender reveal test

Discover your Baby’s gender- weeks to months earlier than any other clinically-proven method- All from the comfort of your home. Know if you’re having a boy or girl as little as 72 hours after placing your order.(Starting as early as 8 weeks pregnant) 

Biomarker testing
Routine Blood Draws
Specimen Pick-up & Delivery Services
Fasting Tests
Thyroid Testing
Glucose Testing
Cholesterol Testing
Health Coaching & Consulting Services
Choose what’s Best for You & your future.
Testosterone Testing– Have your Testosterone levels tested, showing your average testosterone level by age.(Mobile Phlebotomist & At-home test available)
TRT Consultation with Dr. Consult- Telemedicine, virtual consultation with an independent physician specialized in HRT, reviews your lab results, diagnoses, and assesses if you qualify for TRT. 
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Initial Consultation
Redox Score Analysis 
Health & Nutritional Coaching
Testosterone Testing
TRT Consultation w/ Independent Physician
Smart-Scale & Health Gear
Per Year
Initial Consultation
Redox Score Analysis 
Health & Nutritional Coaching
Testosterone Testing
TRT Consultation w Independent Physician
Smart-Scale & Health Gear
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