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Redox (D.N.A.) Genetic Tests


Designed to Optimize strategies for diet, weight management, exercise, lifestyle, performance, and micro-nutrient absorption. Redox incorporates all four genetic tests, ensuring that you will not need to send a sample back to the lab for additional insights and information. Bundle also gives you access to our Digital Wellness Guide (Ebook)

The price of the four bundled reports is offered at a significant discount over the cost of running the tests separately. Redox also includes a one-hour coaching session to thoroughly review the results of all four genetic tests and to optimize your overall health and fitness strategies within the framework of your distinct genetic profile.

This Bundle Includes all (4) of our Signature Genetic tests;

  • Redox Detox (D.N.A.)
  • Redox Pro (D.N.A.)
  • Redox Renu (D.N.A.)
  • Redox Rejuve (D.N.A.)
  • Digital Wellness Guide (EBook)

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Redox Nutrition’s Genetic Test
Redox detox(D.N.A.)

DNA based weight loss program that identifies your unique Genetic profile then provides diet and and exercise strategies that are Customized to your specific Genes

redox pro(D.N.A.)

DNA based Athletic Performance program that identifies your unique genetic profile, then provides physiological insight to improve Performance based on your genotype.

redox renu(D.N.A.)

DNA based Micronutrient Analysis of your genetic nutrient Predispositions using your Genetic Profile.

redox rejuve(D.N.A.)

DNA based healthy Aging program that identifies your unique gene profile then provides anti-aging strategies that are tailored to your specific genes.

digital wellness guide (ebook)

This is our Digital Wellness Guide that allows you to experience the Redox Detox before you fully commit to our 1 year life changing program. Our (eBook) will serve as an 8 week Digital Demo that can help you lose 5-10lbs.